HR Audit
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A. Recruitment and Selection
B. Training and Management Education
C. Performance Management and Appraisal
D. Succession Management and Individual Development
E. Compensation
F. Benefit Plans Administration
G. Deselection and Outplacement

  1. We review key organizational indicators (turnover, talent pool, structure, goal clarity, mission statement, etc.) with you and help you determine which areas the audit should include.
  2. We examine the present state of areas to be covered including relevant systems and connecting systems (e.g. training needs analysis with individual development, performance appraisal with compensation, recruitment with talent pool development).
  3. We assist you in diagnosing and analyzing shortcomings in areas needing significant improvement.
  4. We provide you with our recommendations for improvement in goals, procedures and systems in the areas selected.
  5. We assist you in developing action plans for implementing approved recommendations.
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