Managerial Assessment
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Management Development

We design and deliver Management Education in:
•  Managerial Leadership Practices
•  Managerial Behavior
•  Managerial Competencies
•  Managerial Culture

All our Management Development Programs have three phases:

• Assessment prior to delivering the content (this can be Self-Assessment only, 180 Assessment or 360 Assessment)

• Delivery of the content (which can be customized to fit client needs)

• Establishing Individual Development Plans designed to be accomplished in real-time back on-the-job

Managerial Leadership

The Managerial Leadership Practices Assessment (paper/pencil or on-line) measures six Managerial Leadership Practices (Managerial Planning, Task Assignment, Context Setting, Feedback, Coaching, and Appraisal) necessary for being an effective manager.

The assessment takes about twenty minutes to complete. A subsequent workshop covering the different practices (including the ‘ideal’ practice) takes about one day. At the end of each of the practices covered in the workshop, gaps between the self-assessment and assessments of others are analyzed. A comparison to the ‘idea’ is also examined. Individual action plans for improvement are prepared for implementation back on-the-job.

Managerial Behavior

The on-line assessment measures twelve traits/values that drive managerial behavior. The resulting profile is divided into three clusters: constructive, passive and aggressive.

A workshop covering the twelve factors takes one-half day. Each person’s profile is compared against the group and/or organization profile plus an ’ideal’ managerial profile. Gaps are identified and action plans for improvement are prepared.

Studies have shown that by assessing managers' competencies before training reduces development costs by up to 50%, as training is then targeted to identified needs. In addition, managers' motivation to learn significantly increases when they realize the potential benefits of raising their competency level in specific areas.

Managerial Competencies

This Management Development System has four phases: Assessment, Interpretation, Planning, and Training.

The Assessment phase takes about five hours responding to video scenarios and results in a computer-generated profile of the participant’s strengths and areas for development on twelve managerial competencies. A group profile is also generated for use in targeting overall training needs. This comprises day one of a two-day workshop.

The Interpretation phase (morning of day two) defines the desired managerial behaviors regarding these twelve managerial competencies and identifies proficiency gaps.

The Planning phase (afternoon of day two) is where participants diagnose their profiles and work on their Individual Development Plans setting out actions to be taken for training, development and future growth.

The Training phase is done over time as half-day workshops are scheduled based on the collective needs of all participants.

Managerial Cultural Audit

By having all managers participate in this on-line survey, the assessment will measure the managerial culture of the organization which, in turn, significantly affects the overall culture of the organization.

The results are compared with the ‘ideal’ culture and discussed with senior management as to suggested next steps.


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