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Succession Management

We follow a six-step process when initiating a Succession Planning program:

  1. Review the present and future organization structure to ensure compatibility with the Corporate Strategic Plan. This helps align the overall Talent Pool with the future needs of the organization.

  2. Develop a list of roles (positions) that senior management plans to fill and when these might be needed.

  3. Determine those individuals believed to have the upward mobility to fill one or more of the roles identified in Step Two. They become part of the Talent Pool. There are a number of ways this can be done, but the judgments of managers and their managers will be a key ingredient.

  4. We would interview each of the individuals selected for the talent pool. Part of the evaluation would be an analysis of an on-line assessment each person takes measuring twelve factors (traits/styles) that drive one’s behavior.

  5. At a Succession Planning Meeting, senior management identifies possible talent pool individuals to fill specific roles. Taken into consideration are four elements:

    •  Ability to process information and make decisions required for the level of the role
       (mental horsepower)

    •  Knowledge, Skill, Experience needed

    •  Valuing the role and interest in working in the role

    •  Any negative temperament (managerial leadership style)

  6. As employees are identified for specific roles, comprehensive Individual Development Plans are prepared and approved to include any Knowledge, Skill and Experience required.

    This Succession Planning process also identifies deficiencies and oversupply of talent that needs to be addressed. If and when to go outside the organization for key talent can be examined.

    In addition to a carefully thought out long-term Succession Plan, this process also provides senior management with the information from which a Contingency Plan (short-range) can be established for those roles that are critical to the organization.

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